CAP RENTAL POWER was one of the pioneers in France in the field of POWER RESERVATION. This type of contract was initially created and proposed by our services following the publication of Decree No. 2009-597 of May 26th 2009 for EHPAD-type health establishments, retirement homes and clinics. This solution provides them with an alternative solution to the acquisition of a fixed installed generating set.

We are able to provide you with all the solutions that will enable you to comply with the law. We bring you our expertise and guarantee our neutrality. Since the implementation of this POWER RESERVATION contract, many private companies, health care institutions, local authorities and/or administrations have regularly contacted us.


Generating set stored in our warehouses
On simple call, delivery of a generating set adapted to your consumption
Saving space on site
Maintenance at our charge
On-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Monthly rent
Non-Road Diesel Fuel Management
No major structural work required
No heavy financial investment
Book depreciation
Transmission of a complete personalized administrative pack
Provision of a generating set in compliance with regulations
Bringing your installation into compliance with the decree 2009-597