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Specialized in the maintenance of generating sets and diesel motor pumps, CAP GENERATOR Generating sets operates on behalf of local authorities, industrialists, private companies and individuals. Within the framework of curative or preventive maintenance, for emergency, production or co-generation applications, CAP GENERATOR Generating Sets provides you with its skills, experience and resources to guarantee you the greatest reactivity and the best quality of service. This experience allows us to work on all types of generating sets.

> At each visit, we deliver a maintenance report that allows you to see the various inspections carried out by our technicians. Any problems identified during a visit will be the subject of a free estimate giving you an estimate of the repair costs and, if necessary, the replacement operations to be planned.


The reliability of your installation
A personalized follow-up, respectful of the manufacturer's recommendations
Cleanliness of the technical room


Mechanical maintenance
Electrical maintenance
Control visits
No-load tests
Load tests on installation
Load test on load bench
Oil analysis
Thermography and Endoscopy
Pollution measurement
On-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week