Specialist in the commissioning of generating sets and diesel motor pumps, CAP GENERATOR Generating sets works on behalf of local authorities, industrialists, private companies and individuals. Commissioning, for backup, production or co-generation applications, CAP GENERATOR Generating Sets provides you with its skills, experience and resources to guarantee a level of service in line with our quality requirements. This experience and expertise allows us to work on all types of generating sets and automations.


Verification of all the parameters of your installation
The proper functioning of your installation
Provide training for your technical staff


FRANCE Intervention
EXPORT intervention
Fil à fil
Parameter setting
Adjustment according to manufacturer recommendations
Checking the parameters of your installation
Power off tests
No-load and live tests
Load tests on installation
Load tests on load bench if necessary
Oil analysis
Thermography and Endoscopy
Pollution measurement


Power analyzer
Injection case
Current clamp
Sound level meter
Dedicated measuring devices