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CAP GENERATOR Generating sets accompanies you and advises you at each step of your acquisition process, from dry sales to turnkey projects.


■ Provide you with personalized advice
■ Provide you with a selection of products in line with the constraints of your project
■ Guarantee you a good quality/price ratio
■ Visit your site if necessary
■ Provide you with training adapted to your needs
■ Provide after-sales service

Our sales department is at your disposal to define, in the following ranges, the product best suited to your needs :


  • Our INDUSTRIAL range consists of generating sets with a power range from 7.5 to 3300 KVA at factory standards and/or customizable in our workshops. Intended for industrial use, our range covers a wide field of applications and offers you a wide range of options and post-equipment to perfectly adapt to all types of configurations.

    From emergency generating sets to safety generating sets "in compliance with NFE 37-312" with network coupling, this INDUSTRIAL range provides you with the best solution suited to the technical and regulatory constraints you face when installing a generating set within your company, establishment or community

    The technical elements such as power, autonomy, soundproofing, type of operation, neutral regime will be requested by our sales department in order to determine the product that best suits your needs.

    This INDUSTRIAL range represents the core of our GENERATOR CAP activity.

  • The RENTAL range consists of generating sets with a power range from 3 to 2500 KVA and lighting masts. It is intended for the rental market, public works companies or other companies with a specific need in this field (sturdiness, ease of maintenance, options in line with the sector of activity).
    This RENTAL range is composed of:

    3 to 7,5 kVA


    Equipped with reinforced frames, they are designed to
    meet the requirements of the rental market:
    > handy
    > sturdy
    > reliable

    16 to 550 kVA


    Mobility combined with high power delivery
    in version with or without option packages. This new
    range, with its innovative concept, meets the demands
    of rental companies.
    > sturdy
    > functional and ingenious
    > compact and efficient

    16 to 550 kVA


    High-performance technology and low noise level.
    Ideal for sensitive events, events, urban areas.
    Our rental activity CAP RENTAL POWER has many products
    from this EVENT range.
    > high-performance technology
    > low noise level

    715 to 2500 kVA


    Designed for construction sites or industrial projects
    that require high power in a soundproof container
    designed specifically to meet your requirements.
    > high power
    > soundproof container


    An autonomous light source for construction sites with
    the possibility of being mounted on a road trailer.
    > light modularity

  • PORTABLE RANGE 1 to 20 kVA

    The PORTABLE range consists of generating sets, residential units, welding units, and motor pump units. It is intended for private individuals, craftsmen and building professionals. Generating sets and motor pumps fall into two categories: general public, for occasional domestic use and professional, for intensive professional use. Generating sets, motor pump units and welding units are suitable for nomadic use and offer many options to facilitate their handling and use.


    The generating sets in the PORTABLE range with a power of 1 to 20 KVA, manual or automatic, soundproofed or on skid, guarantee you a reliable additional energy for your most varied needs. This range is intended for building professionals, but also for the general public, and meets all the constraints of the field, whether they are technical, safe or ergonomic.

    > Define your Generating Set

    Uses & Frequencies of use
    Frequency of use Autonomy Noise level

    Power consumption
    Function of the devices to be supplied Function of the minimum required power (MRP)

    > All these elements will be requested by our sales department in case of consultation on this type of product.
    > Transmission of product sheets on request.


    The motor pump units in the PORTABLE range provide you with a solution adapted to the requirements of each site. They are organized according to the type of liquid that needs to be treated : for clear to charged waters and for very charged waters or specific liquids (chemical, corrosive...). All these units are self-priming: thanks to an integrated valve system, the liquid rises mechanically in the suction line by pumping air.

    > Define your Generating Set

    Assess the nature of the water or liquid you need to treat
    Water quality Flow rate & Pressure required according to pressure drops

    Calculate the required elevation height
    Suction height Hauteur de refoulement Pressure drop

    > All these elements will be requested by our sales department in case of consultation on this type of product.
    > Transmission of product sheets on request.


    The welding units of the PORTABLE range are essential for autonomous welding on sites without electricity or for carrying out maintenance operations on isolated machines. Easily transportable, they are designed to be used as a generating sets, to provide you with additional energy if necessary.

    > Define your Generating Set

    Evaluate the frequency of use, define the types of electrodes
    Rutile Cellulosic Basic

    Define the diameter of the welding rods and the additional power
    Flow rate in L/min Pressure in bar

    > All these elements will be requested by our sales department in case of consultation on this type of product.
    > Transmission of product sheets on request.